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LEAN structures is a new structural design practice focusing on finding clean design solutions that are efficient, economical and sustainable.

With increasingly more rigorous environmental requirements, we need a construction industry that can adapt to meet these challenges head on. This requires a perspective shift in how we, designers, approach the design process. At LEAN structures this understanding is the basis of our core philosophy.


LEAN Design

The average utilisation of structure in modern buildings is only 50%. This is partly due to designers protecting themselves from late design changes by over specifying structure that is then not refined or required. It is often a result of a fractured design industry which undervalues collaboration and communication. The consequence of this for the client is significant increased material costs as well as unnecessary additional embodied carbon.

The process of LEAN design requires greater input at early project stages and more effective communication; the result is high performance, economical, low waste structures that can meet the challenges of an ever changing building environment.


Innovative Engineering

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